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Kasadalux, a company with a societal impact, in partnership with the Kraïzbieg Foundation, introduces House of Lux as an innovative space combining conviviality, creativity, and social inclusion. This concept store is supported by the municipality of Dudelange.

House of Lux 352, a flagship project of Kasadalux, represents an ambitious societal approach. This versatile space goes beyond being just a concept store; it embodies a vision where shopping becomes a responsible and engaging experience.

A New Era of Responsible shoopping

mode durable
des vêtements sur mesure
des vêtements sur mesure


House of LUX352


thé bio, café et sucreries faites à la main


Designer shopping bag




Concept store

House of LUX 352


House of Lux 352 offers the possibility of bespoke clothing, presenting itself as a personal creation workshop where each piece tells a story

Custom Tailoring

We collaborate with designers and accessory makers, providing a varied range of unique and authentic creations

Designer and Accessory Selection

Find a selection of Kraïzbieg Foundation items for sale in our concept store. From 2024, custom tailoring will be carried out within the Kraïzbieg Foundation, highlighting our commitment to social inclusion

Partnership with Kraïzbieg Foundation

Explore our cosmetic corner where you will find designers exclusive perfumes.  Choose  eye catching home decor elements from around the world. 

Cosmetics and Home Decor

Try our Bio Tea, Coffee and handmade sweets. Here everyone will find something for his taste.


House of Lux 352 actively promotes sustainable fashion, featuring an upcoming Made in Luxembourg collection made from hemp fibers

Sustainable Initiatives

Offers and Initiatives


We are delighted to announce the grand opening of House of Lux 352, your premier destination for hosting unforgettable events. Our multifaceted venue is perfectly suited for a wide range of celebrations, including corporate gatherings, hen and stag parties, and birthday festivities

One place for all your events

At the heart of House of Lux 352 is its inviting and warm ambiance, seamlessly blending elements of nature with a sense of well-being. Our venue is a unique fusion of 1960s elegance and contemporary style, creating an environment where your guests will feel effortlessly at home.

Unique Ambiance and Style

  • A welcoming and cozy setting.

  • A sophisticated ambiance that marries the allure of the 60s with modern elegance.

  • Top-notch facilities tailored to your event requirements.

  • The flexibility to customize each event to your specific tastes.

Highlights of House of Lux 352

We are also thrilled to offer exceptional catering services to enhance your experience. Our skilled team is adept at crafting bespoke menus that cater to the unique preferences of your guests and the nature of the occasion.

Catering Services

For further details or to receive a personalized proposal, please feel free to reach out to us at here. Our dedicated team is eager to address any inquiries and assist you in planning your event.

Personalise proposal

Welcome to House of Lux 352 - a place where every detail is meticulously curated to ensure a memorable experience. Thank you for considering our venue for your special event. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you in creating lasting memories

Thank you for your trust

Event Rental Space
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